Jamie Enea, BSN, RN, Owner

RN Owned

Owned by an Oregon Health & Science University-trained registered nurse who specialized in progressive elder care.

Caregiver-Resident Ratio

With a caregiver-to-resident ration of no more than 1 to 5, we are able to deliver highly personalized care, activities and attention to your loved one.

What we Love

We are passionate about nurturing health in a holistic way, which shows in our unmatched ability to promote overall health through a multifaceted approach, including: nutrition, environmental support, community engagement, purpose-driven activities, massage and aroma therapy, pet and intergenerational play and more!​

Types of Care

We provide rehabilitation through end-of-life care, and provide support for all disease processes and work with our residents and their loved on to facilitate a variety of health goals.​

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