The staff at Holistic Care was more than we could have prayed for. From the minute we met them, we knew they were legit and cared very deeply about their patients and the work they do. This home was for my father, and it was our 4th attempt at finding somewhere that would meet the standards of care we had for him.

The home itself is inviting and welcoming with a large backyard where we could sit in the sun with my dad and a very safe neighborhood to go for walks in as well. The food quality was far and above any other home and they made each of the meals themselves. It always felt more like a family than someone taking care of my dad.

Jamie, Leo and Amanda were incredible with my dad and I always felt so peaceful knowing he was being well cared for, never being left unattended or neglected. The kindness they all showed not only to my dad in their everyday interactions with him, but also to my mom, sister and I as we went through the painful process of watching him die, was amazing. At the very end of his life, he didn’t wake or eat for 7 days, and if there was a moment we weren’t by his side, they were right there. Jamie personally stayed with him through the nights singing to him and holding his hand. I can’t describe the peace we felt knowing that while we went home to try to rest to regain strength, he was never alone.

Jamie, Val and their staff operate with the utmost integrity, kindness and love for everyone who walks through their door-both the patients and the family. Losing my dad was the hardest thing we’ve ever gone through, and having him get the best care possible made that journey just a bit more bearable. I would recommend this home to anyone seeking excellent care for their loved ones.

– Kylie B. (Google review)


I am so happy that we chose Holistic Care Home for my mom. From the minute I met Jamie I knew that the care they would provide would be what we were looking for. The kindness they showed my mother and my family will never be forgotten. Sheryl and Kelly went above and beyond to make my mom’s stay the most comfortable as possible. The love they showed her in her last days was the sweetest, most loving care she could have received. I will be forever grateful that she was in their care.
– Kris S. (Google review)

My dad spent a year (2019-2020) at one of the Holistic Care homes while he was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. It was not his first home; we’d had to move him several times–usually because he was not being taken care of the way we expected him to be–and this was by far the best experience. We marveled often at how fortunate we were to have had this home recommended to us by another family who’d had a loved one staying in one of the Holistic Care homes (a different one than we ended up in) for two years while he also fought Alzheimer’s and also had a marvelous experience.

If you are reading this review then my heart goes out to you. I know this is a horrible process and it’s made more difficult by a lack of transparency. It’s very hard to separate what people promise they will do with what will actually happen and yet our loved ones rely on us to be diligent and ensure we are providing them with the best care possible. I can’t imagine a better place than the Holistic Care homes. Here you really will find great meals (some of them amazingly tasty!), truly attentive care (we can’t say enough about Leo and Amanda),  the feel of a real home–the home we were at has a lovely backyard with an herb garden and kids running around in summer–my dad loved that!), and you will get the attention you expect (proper hygiene, etc.) for someone you love. Jamie, Leo and Amanda made sure my dad had a good shave, a hair cut when it was needed, a moisturized face (his skin became so dry in the other homes and it would peel and he’d pick at the peelings, which turned to scabs on his face–at the Holistic Care Home he was always moisturized and looked so much better, even though the disease was much worse by the time we got him here), the golf or music channel we knew my dad liked was left on in his room for him…so many personal touches.  Before Covid they even had the option of arranging for massage and a musician was also  brought in to perform for the group.

At other homes we’d heard good reviews about we sometimes ended up in a tiny room, or a room with no t.v. or place for loved ones to sit–one home didn’t even have a chair for my dad to sit in. (We discovered, when mobility became an issue, that a reclining chair is a must–the swelling in the legs can be intense. Being able to get their feet up is huge!). At the Holistic home we rented two different rooms (we moved him from an overly large room to a smaller one when it became available) and both were large enough for my sister, mom and myself to be sit by my dad’s bed as he spent his last week. Each room had a reclining chair and a t.v., though they do try to have everyone together in the large family room when possible. But again, they cater to where their client’s are in their journey and to what the family wants if the client cannot express their own wishes.

When the last week did come for my father, the Holistic Care team was unmatched. Jamie had worked at a Hospice organization and her knowledge is incredible. She was able to ensure my dad was not in any pain and could pass his last days comfortably. Our family was there from sunrise to sunset that last week and a staff member, usually Jamie or her husband Val, was constantly sitting by his bed during the night. That kind of care and concern is hard to find. Jamie said, in essence, they like to make sure that nobody passes alone…that there is someone always there by their side. For our family, that summed up the compassion, concern and love Holistic Care provides and we know our dad was in the best place possible.

I am available as a reference if wanted (Jamie knows how to get you in touch with me) and I’m sure my mom or sister would be available as well. We will answer any questions entirely honestly because we understand how hard it is to find answers to the questions you really want to know.

– Jamie E. (Google review)


My dad was getting more and more forgetful and couldn’t continue living independently. My wife and I decided that it was best for him to move into a care home so he could have round-the-clock care and also have a degree of independence. Holistic Care Homes has checked every box on our list, and they provide phenomenal care for him. When we go and visit (weekly) he is always well-fed and in a good mood. The caretakers are wonderful.

– Doug R.


My father had recently fell and broke his hip. Holistic Care Homes took him in and provided him with the rehabilitation care he desperately needed. His physical therapist came weekly and there were activities provided by the caretakers to keep him occupied. 5/5 stars for making my father feel like he is in his own home, and making him feel important!

– Chrissy G.


Holistic Care Homes takes fabulous care of my mother who suffers from severe dementia. The caregivers always make sure she has three balanced meals, plenty of fluids, and helps her take her medications. On top of that, they take gentle care when bathing her, and they always make sure she is happy! Thank you, Holistic Care Homes! You’ve made my life and my mothers very pleasant.

– Brandon F.