My dad was getting more and more forgetful and couldn’t continue living independently. My wife and I decided that it was best for him to move into a care home so he could have round-the-clock care and also have a degree of independence. Holistic Care Homes has checked every box on our list, and they provide phenomenal care for him. When we go and visit (weekly) he is always well-fed and in a good mood. The caretakers are wonderful!
Doug R.

My father had recently fell and broke his hip. Holistic Care Homes took him in and provided him with the rehabilitation care he desperately needed. His physical therapist came weekly and there were activities provided by the caretakers to keep him occupied. 5/5 stars for making my father feel like he is in his own home, and making him feel important!

Chrissy G.

Holistic Care Homes takes fabulous care of my mother who suffers from severe dementia. The caregivers always make sure she has three balanced meals, plenty of fluids, and helps her take her medications. On top of that, they take gentle care when bathing her, and they always make sure she is happy! Thank you, Holistic Care Homes! You’ve made my life and my mothers very pleasant.

Brandon F.